Indexhibit Help

Uploading Issues

Uploading media is fairly easy in Indexhibit.
However some users may bump into a few issues when start building their site.

Before you go through any troubleshooting you need to make sure that your images:
  • are saved 72 dpi resolution
  • are saved in a RGB color mode
  • Are saved in a web-friendly format. As already mentioned in the Edit an Exhibit page, Indexhibit can upload/handle jpg, gif, png, mov, mp4, mp3, txt, pdf, doc', xls, eps, dwg, zip, and swf files out of the box.

    Note that some image editing applications have an option to export your images for web use.

The 200Kb image restriction

To reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and lag from people visiting your site, Indexhibit uses Cache technology and a 200Kb maximum size limit per image.

You can change this size restriction to suit your needs!
However you need to know that servers may have a problem with bigger images.
To change the max-image size, you need to know how to use an ftp application and a code editor (you need to do a web search and find the applications that suits you best - there are even free ones around).

Login to your server and find the options.php file, located in this directory /ndxzsite/config/options.php
Download the file onto your computer and open it with the code editor. Find line 13:

// images max size kilobytes
// be careful with shared hosting
$default['maxsize'] = 200;

200 is the image size in Kb.
Change this to the average size of your images.
For example 400 will allow you to upload images up to 400Kb)

$default['maxsize'] = 400;

Once you're done, save the options.php file and reupload/overwrite the old file with the updated, to your server.
You should now be able to upload files up to 400Kb.

Again avoid overdoing it - 1Mb files are not something your host, server bandwidth and visitors will like.

The Firefox uploading issue

The current Indexhibit version has an issue with Firefox when uploading media. This will be fixed in the upcoming Indexhibit version.

In the meantime you can either use a different browser or fix this yourself!

You need to know how to use a ftp application and a code editor (as already mentioned you need to do a web search and find the applications that suits you best - there are even free ones around).

Using your ftp application find and download /ndxzstudio/asset/css/jquery.fileupload-ui.css to your computer. Open it using your code editor and edit lines 19-31:

.fileinput-button input {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
right: 0;
margin: 0;
border: solid transparent;
/* border-width: 0 0 100px 200px; */
opacity: 0;
filter: alpha(opacity=0);
/* -moz-transform: translate(-300px, 0) scale(4); */
direction: ltr;
cursor: pointer;

Or in other words comment out the following two lines:

/* border-width: 0 0 100px 200px; */
/* -moz-transform: translate(-300px, 0) scale(4); */

Once you're done, save the jquery.fileupload-ui.css file and reupload/overwrite the old file with the updated, to your server.
Last step is to clear your browsers cache.
You should now be able to upload files using Firefox.

Browser cache issue

When editing your site you will often check back at the actual site. Your web browser will store most often viewed files of the website in the browser cache.
Each time you go back to viewing a webpage, the browser cache will help to speed up web page loading time, by storing data of your webpage temporarily.

Thus sometimes when uploading new content or when making changes, the site may not seem to get updated - images, text-area content and even layouts may appear to remain the same.

Each browser has a different way to Clear browser cache - just search the web for more.


Shift key + Reload button
Control key + F5 key
Control (or Command) key + Shift key + F5 key

will reload the current page, ignoring cached content.

Permissions issues

What if your files are right, the browser works right and, still, your files won't upload?

Use your ftp application and check your files and folders permissions
Αre they correct? Check folder permissions in your server for:

Permissions privileges should be set according to your hosts guidelines - you better check beforehand what your server/host allows.

Reupload files

If none of the solutions above solve problems and the uploader (or Indexhibit) still doesn't work as expected, then your last resort is to reupload Indexhibit system files!

Be very careful though:
First you need to backup your system files from your server to your computer using an ftp application.
Then make a backup of your database to your computer using phpMyAdmin (a database management tool provided by your hosting service - search the web for more about using phpMyAdmin).

Then replace/overwrite all folders in your server except the config and files folder (located under ndxzsite).
If you made any customizations (css or any other kind) in your theme then use the customized files from the backup you made earlier and reupload them to your server.
Login again and check if things work properly.