Indexhibit Help

After upgrading

Upgrading from Version 0.73 or older is easy. However there are a few things you should look into after upgrading to version 2.
  • If your thumbnails or images do not appear as before simply Edit each exhibit. This will automatically regenerate images.
  • Your website theme may look different. This is because you need to update your themes code (basic instructions about updating your theme here). Usually you need to update css selectors in style.css and maybe some hooks in the index.php file of your theme (the default theme is under the ndxzsite folder).
  • If you have been using a specific format on your exhibits and it changed to Visual Index after upgrading, then this likely means that the format has been replaced in Version 2 (and thus the system defaults back to Visual Index).
    All official Indexhibit formats exist in Version 2 but may use a different name so you just need to edit each exhibit and reselect the exhibit format from the Exhibit Options modal pop-up window.