Indexhibit Help

Page Options

Clicking page options will open a modal pop-up window with page options for your exhibit.

Selecting/clicking any of these options updates and adjusts the layout of your page automatically.

Hide page from index

Setting Hide page from index to On will simply hide the page from the index of your site. A hidden exhibit can be published but won't show up in the index.

A useful example for an alternative site layout:
A published section exhibit will be used as a visual index of your projects. Set section as its media source and Visual Index as the Exhibit format. This section exhibit will now get the thumbnail (or cover image) of your first image of each of your exhibits under that specific section. Now on each of the exhibits under that section turn Hide page from index to On. Your exhibits will not be included in your sites index but the section exhibit will be shown in your index and will also function as a visual index for all these hidden exhibits.
It sounds complex but all you need to do is try it and see what you can do with features like these.

Make main page

Setting Make main page to On will simply make any page into your home/landing page.

An example for making use of this feature is that you could make any exhibit into your sites home page and change this every week or so.


With a password protected exhibit you can share exclusive content with visitors.
Simply type a password (letters and numbers only) in the text box and click submit. Then visit or preview your exhibit - you should see the following notification: Password Protected Page (enter password) with a text box and a Submit button.

To have your exhibit password-free simply delete the password in Page options and click the Submit button.

Background color

Each of your exhibits can have a special background colour.

Clicking the square under Background color will show a color palette. Pick a color (or input a color value) and once you're done, simply click the small colourwheel button on the bottom right of the palette.

Background image

Each of your exhibits can have a special background image.

Click the Upload Background Image link, use the uploader as you would with any other media in your site and you're done!
Then you can switch Background tiling On or Off to get your image tiled in your page, as well as View the background image or Delete it using the links provided.