Indexhibit Help

Welcome to Indexhibit!

Index view/Start page

Once you have successfully signed in to your Indexhibit login page, the first thing to see is the main Index View/Start page.

An Exhibit is a project page.
All Exhibits are listed and organised under Section Exhibits.
Section Exhibits are highlighted with a light blue background.

Hovering your cursor over each Exhibit will highlight it with a yellow background color.

Clicking the Indexhibit hyperlink on the top left, will always bring you back to this Index View/Start page.

More about managing Sections as well as the Admin and Preferences pages under the Admin Panels section on this site.


To create a new Exhibit (or Exhibit link), simply click the Create link in the top right.

+ more about creating exhibits

Preview and Edit

To edit an Exhibit click the corresponding Edit link on the right of each exhibit.

You can also quick-preview your Exhibit just by clicking Preview.

Publish On/Off dot

Each Exhibit or Section Exhibit has a small distinctive dot just before its title.

A green dot means that your exhibit is published.
If you click the green dot of an exhibit, it will turn to a green circle . This will add a NEW tag, right after the title of your exhibit when viewing your site. This is useful for letting visitors know of new projects on your site.

A red dot means that your exhibit is not published.

More about the use of setting Publish On/Off in the Edit an Exhibit page.
Notice the Hidden and Home tags in the index page? More about these in the Page Options page.

Reordering exhibits

To reorder exhibits, click an Exhibit on its title and drag.
You can move it in the same section or to a different one.

Notice that each time you make a change, a green updating pop-up notification shows up on the top right of your browser window.