Indexhibit Help

Multi language Indexhibit site

Having a bilingual (or multi-language) site is a common user question. However most multi-language site solutions are clumsy or complex, to use and edit.

The easiest way to do it, is by reorganizing the structure of your site in different sections so that each section deals with a different language.

The most elegant way is by installing different Indexhibit sites on the same server - one for each language!

In the root directory of your server create folders, one for each language site and rename them - for example lang1 and lang2.
Upload a copy of Indexhibit into lang1.
Upload a copy Indexhibit into lang2.

To install Indexhibit for the first language (lang1) go to:

To install Indexhibit for the second language (lang2) go to:

But be careful - use the same database connection strings as with the first indexhibit site, but you will need to change the Database prefix with something else - for example ndxzbt_2.

Once you are done with installations then access the first language site through:

and the second language site through:

The first language site can be seen through:

and the second language site can be reached through:

Now all you need to do is create a splash html page in the root directory of your server that will help the visitor to choose a language site.
In this page include hyperlinks that will redirect the user to the first language site and the second language site, for example:

< a href="">English< /a>

< a href="">Japanese< /a>

Of course you will need to upload media and content for language each site separately, but depending on how you use this it can be a feature.