Indexhibit Help

Add your logo

There are a few to do this.
Before you proceed make sure that the image or media file fits in the area you want it placed and that it is a web-friendly file.

...with an FTP application and HTML code.

Using your FTP application upload the image into the files folder on your server.
Your image url should now be able to be seen at this url address:

...where is the name of your domain name and imagefilename.jpg is the name of the file you uploaded.

Now you can include the file anywhere in your site using plain HTML.
For example click Admin and in Pre-Nav Text type:

< img src=" alt="Site Logo" />

and click the Update button. This will make the uploaded image appear in the Pre-Nav area of your site.

...with inactive uploaded media

This method will seem at first to be more complex but it isn't. It utilises the Inactive image feature (as described in the Exhibit Options page).

Upload an image on an exhibit as you normally would. Click the Tools/Edit button underneath it and then Click the Insert image link. This will insert a piece of code in the text box area of your exhibit like:

< media:gimg 'image.jpg' />

This is a code representation (or hook) of the media image file that you uploaded and can be used anywhere you like in your indexhibit site.

By default a media/asset file is Active - this means that it will show up as part of the exhibit format.
Change this by clicking the Inactive radio button and then the Update button.
The media file will be usable, but it wont show up as part of your exhibit format (it is easy to spot an inactive media file by the red border around its thumbnail).

Then cut/paste the code from the text box area, into the Pre-Nav Text area or any other part of your theme - again don't forget to click the Update button.